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Due to the continuing Covid conditions TAG members hosting classes and workshops in the Computer Room will have the option to require masks to be worn.

TAG members will continue to provide help and advice on a variety of tech devices as conditions allow. We are hesitant to go to individual homes but are willing to do what we can in more open spaces.
A current list of helpers and their interests can be found under the 'Contact' tab.
We are still in serious need of volunteers to provide technical support to folks in the community with various levels of technical challenges.  We need residents with proficient skills, not necessarily professionals, with Windows, Apple and Android and also with devices like voice assistants, home automation, wearables as well as computers, tablets and phones.
If you have a little time to help a neighbor join us. Some people just need some guidance learning the basics of their new smartphone because it is a little different than their old one. Please join us by going to the 'Join Us' tab
If you would like to receive occasional emails from TAG about technical information and issues please subscribe.
Feel free to email any questions and/or comments to ohcc.tag@gmail.

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